Duke University Students Raise Concerns About Toxic Mold

Duke University Students Raise Concerns About Toxic MoldDuke University might be known for its stellar academics and highly-competitive athletic teams, but this semester many students have become more concerned with the troubling growth of mold and mildew in their on-campus housing facilities. In a recent article in Duke’s independent student newspaper The Chronicle, one student outlined many of the health problems that have plagued his peers in recent months.

Complaints about the air quality in the campus dormitories have been widespread. One student living in an on-campus residence hall was diagnosed with “mold-induced bronchitis,” which left their lungs functioning at just 40 percent of their normal capacity. Another student with a mold allergy reported feeling their throat “physically close up” whenever they came home to their dorm room. This student also reported finding “gray fuzzy dripping mold” on their window and smelling air that was “pungent with mold.”

In spite of the student body’s repeated complaints about mold and mildew in Duke’s residence halls, the Office of Housing, Dining and Residence Life has insisted that air-quality tests have come up negative for mold content. In light of the conflicting evidence from students, however, it seems likely that these tests were flawed or incomplete. Now, with their stories in print, the students hope their concerns will be taken more seriously by the university.

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