Get Rid of Mold for Good with Professional Mold Remediation

No one likes a leaky roof. At a minimum, water entering the home is a sign that a roof is in need of at least some repair work, but that leak – if it was not detected for a long period, especially – may mean that you have a hidden problem: mold.

Mold commonly grows in damp conditions, and leaking roofs or damp, dank basements can allow moisture to seep in, leading to saturated ceilings, insulation and walls. This creates a perfect environment for mold growth. If left untreated, this mold can expand exponentially, taking over attic spaces and wall areas and leading to serious problems for your health and perhaps even structural damage.

Removing mold requires an extensive remediation process. Affected areas first need to be dried and have any existing leaks or ventilation problems fixed to prevent growth from happening again. HEPA-filtered negative air scrubbers are then used to pull any floating mold spores from the air. Afterwards, we begin killing any visible, live-growing mold. We also complete a full fogging with EPA-approved antimicrobial products that prevent any mold or mildew regrowth.

Our team will also assess your insulation and make recommendations and removals of excess insulation that may be creating condensation problems that could lead to the mold coming back in the future.

After completing the project, we perform a thorough cleanup and removal of contaminated debris, and finish with a final HEPA vacuuming to provide additional peace of mind that mold has been effectively and thoroughly removed.

Mold remediation is an extensive process, especially when it comes to preventing the issue from happening again. With our years of experience, we have a successful track record of clearing away mold problems for countless clients. Whether preparing for a sale or cleaning your existing home, we can tackle any job – large or small. Call Jun’s Mold Remediation today at 908-322-1533 for a free estimate or contact us online today.