Stones have natural colors means you cannot get exactly whatever you want.  However, unique colors and hues due to various natural processes made stone unique and nearly impossible to simulate the same tones and mixing of hues of colors in manufactured products.


Paver colors


Usually, the following colors and their hues are found in natural stones.

  • Yellow | Sand | Beige
  • Tan | Brown | Red
  • Terra cotta | Violet | Green
  • Pink | Gray | Charcoal
  • Blue | Black

However, we must pay attention to achieve desired effects or matching or contrasting a theme running exterior as well as often interior too. Light colors reflect the natural or artificial lights and give an illusion of larger spaces than they are. Similarly, darker colors contract spatial feelings for the same space.


Color Choice

Moreover, a color choice also depends on the amount of sunlight you receive on your stone patio.  Darker shades are a better choice for the patio receiving a lot of sunlight during the entire day.  If your patio has huge trees or buildings in the way of the Sun route, your color choice may shift from darker shades to lighter shades.

Some designers prefer monotone colors for stone pavers on your patio while many go for multicolored choices.  In fact, mono & multi colors depend on the patterns of paving designs.  Of course, heavy stain prone areas must have darker tones for your stone pavers to save a lot of cleaning and maintenance.  Your color choice for patio pavers must not come into replacement, so go wisely and select easily available colors even after years to go.

Some color choices also depend on the textures of the pavers, and practical examples are the best ways to make the right choices.


Paving Pattern Design  

Before jumping on the paving pattern design, let me clarify the difference between a pattern and layout.

Layout: It could be a pattern, but it mostly refers to an arrangement of pavers with no repeating pattern or motif in the design.  Here, you will find a random arrangement of pavers, not in a predefined way.

Pattern: It is a repeating series of units. A unit may contain one flag laid at a half-width offset to another flag above.  When a dozen flags are grouped in a repeating unit, it becomes a motif. Thus, a unit or motif repeats over-and-over again in the pattern.


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