On the web, you will find an infinite number of design options to lay stone pavers in different patterns.  However, the following are traditional patterns most often used in the industry.  Let’s learn the terminology along with picturesque examples.


Random “I”

The I-shape pattern becomes visible.  Pavers laid in couples forming each arm of capital “I” in the design.


Runner Bond

Stone pavers laid in the rows running in the same direction and parallel to each other.



Rectangular pavers laid in a zigzag pattern.  In most the cases, paver designers prefer a 45-degree herringbone pattern, but seldom, 90 degree and customized herringbone patterns are found.



Rectangular and square shaped stone pavers laid in the random pattern forming with no visible cues.  You have enough room to be creative by applying various geometric pattern options. Piece or Single Size Modular Stone Pavers Patterns involves just one/single size of the paver but are capable of providing you a lot of options in design.  For example, stack bond and offset design patterns


Basket Weave

Rectangular stone pavers create block designs and simulate how we weave a basket. By alternating color tones, you can bring contemporary flairs.


Modular Paver Patterns for Your Stone Patios

After quarrying the rocks, stone manufacturers used to cut stones into predefined shapes and sizes, keeping a model of a pre-planned layout where each piece of stone must fit together without additional cutting.  Thereby, the term modular pavers derived from the models of pre-planned layouts.

A modular approach to creating stone pieces helps designers and stonemasons to install pavers quickly and without many hassles on various calculations and modifications.  Modular paving patterns are usually classified further based on the number of size of stones used in the construction of the pattern or design. For instance, a single piece, two pieces, three pieces, four pieces, and so on.


Piece Modular Paver Patterns

It involves three different sizes of pavers with tons of options. It involves four different sizes of stone pavers, and the possibilities of different combinations are infinite.  It allows you to take a DIY approach or hire a dependable contractor for your patio paving projects.  Jun’s Pro Services exclusively supplying patio pavers according to your selected pattern designs at cost-effective rates and with exceptional after-sales services.  Moreover, they offer consulting services to get the right guidance for your bespoke requirements and ideas.


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