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Without periodic maintenance, however, they can become repositories for harmful airborne contaminates.

Is your Home’s Ductwork Clean and Sealed?

The ducts in your home are an integral part of its heating and cooling system. Without periodic maintenance, however, they can become repositories for harmful airborne contaminates. If not properly sealed, they can also drive up your energy bills in the winter and summer. Today, we’ll take a closer look… Read more »

Spring Moisture Mitigation Checklist

Spring Moisture Mitigation Checklist

Spring is in full swing here in New Jersey, and as much as we might enjoy the return of warm weather and blooming flowers, we’re not so fond of all the rainfall that often accompanies springtime. Thanks to those famous April showers, spring tends to be one of the dampest… Read more »

Is it Time to Update Your Home’s Plumbing?

Is it Time to Update Your Home’s Plumbing?

If you live in an older home, chances are you’ve wondered from time to time about the condition of its plumbing system. Because a great deal of the plumbing in your home is concealed behind walls and under floors, it’s not always easy to tell whether or not it needs… Read more »

5 Ways to Minimize Moisture in Your Basement

5 Ways to Minimize Moisture in Your Basement

Basements, especially ones in older homes, tend to be prone to moisture buildup. The rest of your home might be dry as a bone after a heavy rainfall, but you might still notice some residual moisture on the interior walls of your basement. If left unchecked, this moisture buildup can… Read more »

Roof Repair and Cleaning – Make Sure You’re Protected

With the cold, snow and ice of winter looming, you’ll soon be buttoning up your home for the frosty months ahead. Closing up all of your windows and doors, or even using thermal curtains or plastic wrap to help seal small drafts, can help immensely, but if you have small… Read more »

Health Risks Associated with Household Mold

In addition to leaving your home marked with unsightly stains, mold can also pose very real health risks to you and your family. While some molds – the kinds that create penicillin, for example – have beneficial antibiotic properties, others can have quite the opposite effect, causing illness and irritating… Read more »

Mold versus Mildew: Understanding the Difference

Both mold and mildew can form in your home as a result of moisture problems. Besides the fact that each of these issues start with the letter “M,” the similarities continue beneath the surface, as well. Let’s explore a bit more about each of these household hazards. Mold Mold grows… Read more »

Myths About Mold

Mold myths are nearly as ubiquitous as mold itself (more on that in a moment). Here are a few quick facts about mold to help set the record straight on this invasive problem. It’s Only Where You See an Issue As alluded to above, mold spores are incredibly common in… Read more »

Venting About Vents: Now’s the Time to Check!

Attics are among the most often neglected spaces in most homes. Commonly home to insulation, piping and the occasional spider, many homes don’t use their attics as a living space, so they are generally not thought of unless there’s an issue. However, as we move away from summer, it might… Read more »

Get Rid of Mold for Good with Professional Mold Remediation

No one likes a leaky roof. At a minimum, water entering the home is a sign that a roof is in need of at least some repair work, but that leak – if it was not detected for a long period, especially – may mean that you have a hidden… Read more »