Black Mold Details & Removal in Northern NJ

Black mold is the most dangerous type of mold that can grow in your home. Like other forms of mold, black mold is a fungus attracted to dampness and humidity. It can grow on almost any surface, from plastic to wood to paper to cloth and more. While many different types of mold can be hazardous to humans, black mold is one of the worst species to be exposed to, and it can be extremely dangerous. We provide black mold removal in New Jersey to completely and professionally rid your home of black mold so no one else is exposed.

Black mold is the common name for Stachybotrys chartarum, a poisonous fungi. It is among the most hazardous and widespread mold varieties, notorious for growing in hard-to-reach areas and then causing or exacerbating disease. Black mold causes symptoms similar to those caused by other mold types, but more severe. Residents exposed to black mold will suffer from uncontrollable coughing, red and itchy eyes, trouble breathing, kidney or bladder problems and nausea or vomiting. You can identify black mold before suffering these symptoms by examining humid or moist areas. Black mold appears slimy and dark greenish-black in color and exudes a musty odor.

If you have black mold in your home or business in New Jersey, call us today for mold testing, remediation and mold removal.