Union County Basement Wall Crack Sealing. Does your basement have a crack that needs sealing? You may need a good basement cleaning. The foundation walls of your home are designed to support the weight of your house and prevent moisture that may be surrounding them. When the foundation cracks, moisture can creep into your basement and can damage some of your valuables like your carpeting, keepsakes and furniture.

Union County Basement Wall Crack Sealing

Union County Basement Wall Crack Sealing | Settling

The foundation of a house usually settles after a short period after the house is built. When a house is built and the concrete foundation dries up too quickly, there could be shrinkage and small cracks may start to appear. When the ground around the foundation moves and shifts, it can cause cracks. Cracks in the basement floor can happen for the same reason. Floor cracks do not leak. Sealing basement floor cracks can be difficult. If the basement floor is constantly wet, it is hard for the any waterproofing product to stick to the surface of the floor.

Union County Basement Wall Crack Sealing | Repair Methods

The method for crack repairs in a basement depend on the type of foundation. Cracks in the foundation are repaired from the outside. By injecting a sealant in the crack of the wall, it can penetrate through the wall and seal the cracks. It will also, stop the water from entering into the basement but it will also bind the concrete together preventing future issues. With an exterior crack a professional contractor will dig the area surrounding the crack. Then he will seal it with a waterproof coating that will permanently stop the water from coming in to the basement. A professional will have the right tools to seal the cracks to the basement to protect your home. With a thorough inspection, a professional can evaluate what exactly needs to be done.

Union County Basement Wall Crack Sealing | Cracks

Cracks usually occur gradually and may not be noticed for many years. Most basement wall cracks can change depending where you live. In the Spring when the snow from the Winter melts the soil can be saturated and produce cracks in the foundation. Yet, in the summer where most of the moisture on the ground is drawn out by the plants, that same crack can closes up. In Winter, as snow falls and freezes and then melts, it can produce too much moisture and therefore create cracks from the changing temperatures. All cracks leak. It is not beneficial to just seal the leaking ones, when there are multiple cracks. A professional contractor will seal all of them to prevent any future ones from leaking and causing an issue. Because if the leaking crack is the only one sealed, once the crack is sealed, the water will look for the next closest crack and start leaking there.

Searching for the best Union County Basement Wall Crack Sealing company? Jun’s Mold Remediation is the place to call. Our specialty is mold remediation, so sealing all the cracks in your basement to prevent water from coming in and developing mold is our number one priority. Jun’s Mold Remediation specialists will quickly be at your home after you contact us. As mold thrives on moisture, we want to remove all moisture from your home to help protect it.  We specialize in water and mold damage restoration. We are highly trained in mold remediation and water damage repair. Our basement cleaning services in New Jersey include a thorough inspection, removing any mold and taking preventative measures to stop it from returning. Give us a call at 908-322-1533 to schedule an inspection and get your basement fixed.

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