Union County Attic Mold

Thinking of getting a Union County Attic Mold specialist? You need a Union County mold consulting professional. Attics are the perfect place to have mold grow. Attics can develop mold due to issues from your roof. If you have an area of your home that is always damp, dark or an area that is prone to flooding, these are areas ideal for mold growth.There are common signs that you will find if you have toxic mold in your attic. The best thing is to have a professional come and inspect before it does damage to your health and home.

Union County Attic Mold

Union County Attic Mold | Health

The first common sign that reveals you may have mold in your attic is physical symptoms. You or your family member can develop some cold or allergy symptoms. A cold can last a few weeks, but if these symptoms persist for a longer time, you may have some mold in the home that has not been treated. Toxic mold can cause worse issues if it remains in your home for a long period of time. You can smell if mold is growing. There could be an awful scent where your body would react and cause a sick feeling.

Union County Attic Mold | Visual

Mold in an attic could be seen with the eye. The most obvious signs could be discoloration on the walls or floors. Mold presents itself in many shapes and colors. If the toxic mold is a dark gray color and black mold is present, these could cause the biggest issues in your attic. These types of molds are very aggressive and spread very quickly and cause the most damage to your respiratory system.

Union County Attic Mold | Location

Mold usually grows in dark and damp areas of the home. Usually the shape is a circle or crescent. You may see some of these shapes on pipes, yet mold loves to grow on wood, insulation and even furniture you may have in the attic. For mold to grow it requires moisture. Therefore, where there are leaks or humidity that is unknown, mold could be growing. Leaky roofs can quickly lead to mold growth if not taken care of immediately by a professional. An attic floor should be properly insulated otherwise, warm air and moisture can rise up through it causing mold growth. It is important to have your attic properly ventilated or eventually mold growth will start to happen.

Union County Attic Mold | Prevention

Keeping your attic dry and allowing air to circulate properly throughout the year could prevent toxic mold from growing. A professional will inspect to see what needs to be done in your attic to keep it safe from mold growth. As a result, a moisture resistant insulation should be in your attic to prevent warm air from seeping into your attic. Having a proper attic ventilation system installed in your attic will prevent any issues with mold.

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