Masons work with a multitude of materials like stone, brick and concrete, which they use to install features on your property like chimneys, retaining walls, patios and entire homes.  Homeowners sometimes overlook the broad expertise of a qualified Passaic County masonry contractor.  The simplest features can enhance your homes appearance or functionality like a pathway for curb appeal, or a stone veneer accent wall for interior design.  Masonry contractors can guide you in your next home improvement project and give you expert advice that will give you the most for your money and home.  A mason can let you in on the most popular choices in the industry and offer you lesser-known alternatives for your project like manufactured stone veneer and cement blocks.  There are three specializations that a mason can have which are stone, brick and concrete.

Passaic County Masonry Contractor | Hiring A Masonry Contractor and Different Types of Masonry Contractor Work

Stone Masons

Stone workers deal with using natural and manufactured stone as well as veneer products to install different features.  These include facades on homes, walls and both interior and exterior flooring. A stone worker knows how to use a stone-cutting machine to manipulate rock into different shapes and designs for decorative pillars, kitchen counters, flooring, and other projects.  A professional masonry contractor in Passaic County will be knowledgeable about the alternatives which are available and can help answer questions about natural, engineered and veneer options for your project and budget.  Masonry contractors also follow the best practices for using grout and mortar for stone installations.

Masonry Contractor in Passaic County NJBrick Masons

Brick masons work with brick along with other options like engineered and veneer.  They are commonly known as “bricklayers”. The process of installing brick features take care and attention because the lines are uniform, and any small mistake would be visible.  The type of features brick masons install include chimneys and fireplaces, columns, walls and patios.  They use mortar to create clean lines and durable joints that enhance the aesthetic appeal and structural integrity of a client’s investment.

Concrete Masons

Concrete masons work with poured and block concrete.  The process for pouring often deals with leveling, finishing and managing the concrete while dealing with the weather as the cement hardens. Concrete contractors are masons who specialize in mixing the correct Portland cement, water, and aggregate ratio for poured concrete. They are qualified to use mixer trucks to install the wet material, so it cures correctly.  Concrete workers also work with metal reinforcements to support their installations.  Common concrete masonry work includes driveways, sidewalks, house foundations, columns and walls.

Hiring A Licensed Masonry Contractor in Passaic County, NJ

Finding a quality and experienced Passaic County masonry contractor takes some research.  Before you embark on this task you will want to find out the types of materials you will need and ballpark project measurements.  This will ensure that you will get the right quotes for your project, and you won’t waste time calling the wrong professionals.  It is advised that you speak to at least three different masonry contractors and get written estimates from each of them.  This will let you know what the going rate for your project is going to be.  In the end you don’t want to overpay but there could be reasons why one contractor offers a lower estimate than the others.  Different masonry contractors have specialized expertise in one area of masonry.  For example, contractor A can build the best fireplaces and chimneys, while contractor B has the best patios around.  Ask for references not just from previous clients but also from clients who they have completed work for like your own.  And contact them for feedback.

Looking for the Best Masonry Contractor in the Passaic County, New Jersey Area?

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