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Bergen County Basement Remodeling

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August 24, 2020

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If you have an unfinished basement, you have the potential for extra living space. You also have the potential to make of it anything you want it to be. Whatever purpose you have for this extra space, a professional remodel can help you achieve what you’ve always wanted. If your basement has mold or mildew, however, it is important to remediate that as part of the remodel. Ask a Passaic County mold removal specialist about preparing your space before you start. Basements are prone to mold and mildew growth, especially if they are poorly unventilated and unused. It is important to not only remove the mold, but to find out what is causing it. By making complete repair, you alleviate any future problems and make sure mold does not come back. Then you can carry out the plans for your unused space by calling a Passaic County basement remodeling company.

Passaic County Basement Remodeling

Passaic County Basement Remodeling | Basement Spaces

Basements make great family rooms, as kids can play and make a mess unseen. Many people choose to put in an extra bathroom or powder room, especially if they have growing families. Lower level laundry rooms are also very popular, with space to keep up with all those dirty loads. You can turn a basement into one large family gathering area, or divide the space into several rooms. Perhaps you need an extra bedroom, or office, or even a separate in-law living space. When you choose the right basement remodeling company, you can get the space you always dreamed of.

Passaic County Basement Remodeling | Floor Drains

Basement laundry rooms and powder rooms make a lot of sense. Keeping the laundry off the main floor of your home means less mess. Also, dedicating a whole room for laundry is most homeowners’ dream. Extra bathrooms, even if small powder rooms, are always a good thing. Having one next to the family room is ideal for small children. However, to keep these spaces clean and dry, consider floor drains in these areas. In case of washing machine overflow, or sink or toilet backups, floor drains are important for protecting your investment. Keeping your basement dry and preventing flooding will make the space healthier, and deter mold growth.

Passaic County Basement Remodeling | Keeping your Basement Dry

Once your new basement is mold free and finished, it is important to keep it dry. Your new space needs to stay humidity free in order to prevent new mold and mildew growth. Mold and mildew growth affect indoor air quality and can be harmful to your family and belongings. Running a dehumidifier in spaces prone to moisture can keep the air clean and dry. Periodically schedule inspections to check for mold growth, and air cleanliness. Ensure that gutters and downspouts are always clear as clogged spouts allow water to puddle along basement walls. Also, make sure exterior walls remain in good repair with no cracks that allow in moisture.

Unfinished basements are like a clean canvas. You can make the space into anything your family needs. In order to maintain a healthy living space, however, make sure to remediate all mold and mildew. Once your basement is clean and dry, your extra dream living space can become a reality. From simple family rooms to extra bathrooms or guest rooms, basements have lots of potentiality. Basement laundry rooms are very useful for keeping laundry day mess separated. They offer a place to fold and sort as well, especially if you incorporate a counter or workspace. Whatever you designate the space for, always leave large renovations to professionals. To make the most of your unused space, call a Passaic County basement remodeling company today.

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