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August 5, 2021

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Fort Lee RooferAre you in need of a good Fort Lee roofer? Your roof is perhaps the most important line of defense for your home from the outside elements.. Unfortunately, many homeowners tend to neglect their roof, as long as it isn’t leaking for falling apart. There are many roofing issues that are left unattended, leading to more major and costly problems. Below are some of the most common reasons for you to contact a Fort Lee roofing contractor.

Fort Lee Roofer | Granule Accumulation in Gutters:

Asphalt shingles will break down over time. Some of the small granules that make up the shingles disintegrate as part of this process. Accumulated granules in your gutters or at the bottom of your downspouts are a warning sign dangerous to ignore. As shingles deteriorate, their effectiveness deteriorates too.

Fort Lee Roofing Contractor | Roof is Sagging:

One of the easiest things to look out for is a sagging roof. If your roof sags in the middle or at any point, something is structurally wrong. There are several reasons for a sagging roof, and nearly all are structural. Poor support or a damaged beam causes this effect. A severe snowfall can be enough to need roofing services, especially if a roof is old.

Roofer in Fort Lee | Sudden Energy Bill Changes:

Many factors contribute to your home’s energy bill. Poor insulation, damaged siding, rising fuel costs, and damaged roofs are some of the most common culprits. If you notice a suspicious change in your home’s energy bill isn’t related by insulation, siding, or fuel, call a local Fort Lee roofer to take a look at your roof. In the winter, a damaged roof can release warm air from inside the house, upping your heating bill. A poorly ventilated roof traps that hot air in the summer, increasing your air-conditioning costs.

Roof Repair in Fort Lee | Loose Nails:

Loose, missing or exposed nails don’t provide proper support for your shingles. This increases the chances of your shingles getting damaged during storms. Loose or missing nails indicate another costly problem as well. Missing nails leave a hole behind, creating a pathway for water to penetrate your roof and attic. Water damage leads to mold and structural damage to your roof and home.

Roofer in NJRoof Replacement in Bergen County | Paint Stains, Bubbles, & Mildew:

Sometimes you don’t even have to look up at your roof to check for problems. Take a walk around your home’s perimeter, keeping an eye on the walls. If your paint is bubbling or peeling in a concentrated area, chances are your roof is not ventilating properly. Accumulated moisture trapped in attic spaces causes this. If your house has vinyl siding, look out for signs of mildew. Mildew also develops on the inside of your home where the ceiling meets the wall. If you notice any of these signs, call a Fort Lee roofing contractor to assess the situation.

Roof Installation in Fort Lee | Water Damage:

Water from your leaking roof leaves tell-tale signs in your attic and ceilings. Take a trip to your attic every once in a while, especially before winter and during the spring, and examine the rafters. Water stains are a clear indicator of a leaking roof. Try to take a peek on a sunny day. If you can see daylight at any point, call a roofer. Even a small hole in your roof is bad news for your home.

Northern NJ Roofer | Damaged, Loose or Missing Shingles:

Asphalt shingles typically last between 15 and 25 years. Some last longer and some shorter, depending on weather and installment. A poorly installed roof will not last as long as a professionally installed roof. Curling, peeling shingles require replacing, as do loose or missing shingles. Your shingles are how your roof sheds water and stays insulated. When this barrier gets breached, you need professional help that only an experiences roofing contractor can provide.

Looking for an Excellent Fort Lee Roofer?

If you’re looking for the best roofer in Bergen County? Give Jun’s Pro Services a call today! We have an experienced team of experts and highly trained specialists to perform repairs and replacements on any roof. Schedule an appointment for us to come out and give you a free estimate of what is needed on your roof. We also use high-tech equipment to provide a safe and strong roof on your home. Give us a call today and let us protect your home with our outstanding roofing skills!

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