How to Choose a Great Roofer

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July 14, 2021

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You need a new roof…how do you find a reliable roofer in the Hudson County area that’s the right fit for you? For a homeowner, getting a new roof is a major home project. Here are some tips to find the right roofer:

#1:  Ask for Referrals From Friends & Family

Asking your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers for referrals for a roofing contractor is the best way to find a good roofer.  Whether they themselves have had a roof installed or they know someone who has had a roof installed is very helpful.

Even if your friends do not know of the best local roofing contractors to use, they may have heard about which roofers not to use. You can remove them right off the bat!

Other Factors to consider when looking for a Roofer Contractor

While obtaining a referral from a friend who just got a new roof will indicate that the contractor is reliable and professional, it is not the best measure for the quality of their work.  Try to get referrals from people with older roofs as well, as a means to gauge the quality of the roofing contractor’s work.  A roof should last 20 – 50 years, if installed properly, so you can see why getting referrals from both people who’ve just gotten new roofs in the last couple of years as well as people who have older roofs, will prove beneficial.

Online Reviews

Online reviews are an excellent alternative if you cannot get a referral for a roofing contractor from a friend.  As a result of privacy concerns and out of respect for our previous clients, we do not post references online. You can however, check out online reviews of previous clients of a roofing company.  If you are looking for a roofer in the Hudson County area, give us a call at


Tip #2: Research Roofers Online

Hudson County Roofing

Review the Roofer’s Online Reviews

If you are unable to get a referral for a trusted local contractor from a friend, social media and various online review sites like Yelp can prove to be beneficial.  While online reviews can be helpful,  be wary of fake reviews…look for all five star reviews which are very detailed or if they sound like they could have been written by the same person. Legitimate customers, who really loved their roofing contractor, will usually leave a short, positive review.  Most of the time, a legitimate roofing company will have predominantly positive reviews. It is not uncommon however, for them to reflect some bad reviews.  You should follow up with the roofer about the displeased customers who wrote the bad reviews, to get their side of the story.

Jun’s Pro Services Reviews

Check out the below links to some of our online reviews from third party service review websites

Review the Roofers’ Websites

Check out the top roofing contractors’ websites for online reviews, pics of the jobs that they have performed and experience.  Look to see if they mention their experience with your type of roof. It’s a great sign when you discover that that the roofing company has a lot of experience and has been around for awhile.  They are more apt to deliver high-quality work.  A reputable roofing contractor will have their own employees and not hire subcontractors.


Tip #3: Avoid Scam Artists

Hudson County Roofing Company

Avoid Scammers

Unfortunately, There will always be those contractors who prey on victims of unfortunate situations, such as big storms, to take advantage of a client. It is rare that a well respected contractor will go door to door after a storm to drum up business.  These guys are scam artists.  Avoid them at all costs.

Tip #4: Interview the Best Roofing Candidates

Three Candidates

After reviewing the information on numerous businesses, you should narrow your search down to a few choices before making your final decision as to which contractor you should go with.  Three is a good number to work with. Contact these businesses to ask them questions and obtain quotes for your job.

Questions to Ask the Roofing Contractors

We have compiled a list of questions for you to ask the roofers when calling them for the first time. We have also included the answers 

How long will it take to get started on my roof?


Do you use sub-contractors to work on any of your company’s work?


Does your company have any online reviews?


Where is your office located and do you mind if I drop in?


Check the Roofer’s Credentials

You should always verify the roofing contractor’s credentials.  Don’t be afraid to ask! A good, respectable roofing contractor should be fully licensed pursuant to your state’s regulations. The contractor should also be able to show you proof of coverage for their liability insurance as well as worker’s compensation.  You can also call their insurance provider to ensure the information is valid.

Tip #5: Customer Service, An Important Indicator

hudson county roofing contractor

How are their Phone Manners?

You will be able to determine which are the better roofing companies just by calling them…a helpful staff person should be answering the phone instead of always getting the answering machine. When you need to leave a message, your call should be promptly returned. If not, you should probably expect the same type of service from the roofers themselves.

Tip #6: Don’t Choose a Roofer Solely Based on Materials Used

roofer in hudson county

Workmanship and Roofing Skills

It’s great knowing that your contractor is using the highest-quality materials, however, they won’t be able to provide you with a high-quality roof if they provide poor workmanship. The best contractors should know exactly which materials to use and specific techniques that produce high-quality work.

Roofing Experience and Training

We offer fully certified, insured and bonded roof specialists who are trained in roofing installation and trained pursuant to the manufacturer’s installation specifications. We guarantee that each roof will be installed with the highest quality materials installed by roofing specialists trained in installing your type of roof. We also offer a dedicated commercial flat roofing team to ensure that you have the best craftsmen for your type of roofing project in addition to our trained residential division roofers.

How Effective is Your Warranty?

Going with a local business with a good reputation is important as this helps with the warranty. It is not uncommon for roofing contractors to advertise that they offer a warranty, but often when there is an issue with their work, after a couple of years, they are nowhere to be found.

Redundant Warranties = Double Coverage for Your Roof

In addition to the Three Tree Roofing Warranty which covers your roof for 20 years, we are certified by our manufacturers. We are a 5-star CertainTeed Contractor and a WeatherBond Roofing System Contractor. What this means is we have gone through the proper training and meet all the other criteria for these manufacturers to have confidence in us to install your roof with their materials. They have so much confidence in us they are willing to warranty the work we perform on your roof. This gives you an extra warranty time (25 Year Lifetime with a “15 year transferrable” warranty for CertainTeed and a 20 Year Lifetime warranty for WeatherBond) your roof is covered should anything fail. When you work with Three Tree Roofing, we have your back, twice.

Tip #7: Your Written Contract-Make Sure You Read It

Hudson County Roofer

Get all of the terms of your roofing job in writing, including how long the roofing project will take and how many crew members will be needed to complete your project. You should not be required to pay for the whole job upfront.  A deposit and payment plan is standard terms with payment in full upon completion of the roof project.

All of our customers can apply for our financing options through our partner financing Hearth. This provides all of our clients who qualify, the opportunity to break the cost of your new roof into predictable monthly payments.

You should always read any paperwork given to you by your contractor, including the contract and the warranties. Ideally, the materials and labor should be guaranteed for at least five years. However, the materials themselves should be protected by a warranty of 20 to 40 years.

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If you’re looking for the best roofer in Hudson County? Give Jun’s Pro Services a call today! We have a team of experts. They have the experience and highly trained specialists to perform repairs and replacements on any roof. Schedule an appointment for us to come out and give you a free estimate of what is needed on your roof. We also use high-tech equipment to provide a safe and strong roof on your home. Give us a call today and let us protect your home with our outstanding roofing skills!

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