Basement Cleaning

Basements are one of the easiest environments for mold to grow in. Basements are generally shielded from sunlight, the temperatures are more consistent and there is more humidity in basements compared to above-ground areas; all of these factors create an ideal area for mold to grow. Jun’s Roof Cleaning and Repair provides basement cleaning throughout New Jersey in addition to roof repair to rid your home of mold and prevent it from coming back.

Many basements are used as storage or they may be unfinished, so they are seldom used. Areas that are undisturbed for long periods of time give mold spores a still, steady surface to attach to, grow on and then reproduce. In a relatively short time, large colonies of mold can grow on nearly anything, including books, furniture, carpeting, clothes and even walls. If the basement has experienced flooding, mold can begin growing on exposed surface very quickly and will continue to propagate until it is removed. Our basement cleaning services in New Jersey include locating mold colonies through a thorough inspection, removing the mold and taking preventative measures to stop it from returning.

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